Watch a time lapse video of the 2013 FOOTPRINT coming together.  3 hours compressed into 15 seconds.  Thanks to Tim May of KAKE-TV for his expertise in creating this video.

The soles of your feet create an original piece of art. Nationally recognized artist and native Wichitan Rachel Kice will again direct runners who, after entering the “studio,” will have the soles of their feet/shoes covered with paint before running across the canvas, leaving an artistic impression of their race-day experience.

Once runners leave their mark, Rachel will finish the art. When dry, the FOOTPRINT project will be displayed on a Clear Channel Outdoor billboard. Location details available on the website

The Paint Process Cleanup — Creating art and respecting the park and environment.

All participants who take part in the FOOTPRINT project must be free of paint before they leave the area. There are two options to do this:

  1. Run in your good shoes and bring an old pair of shoes with you that you can wear in the paint area. When you’re done, we’ll place your painted shoes in a plastic bag and you’re free to go.
  2. Run in your good shoes and let us clean them for you in our cleaning station. We’ll wipe off the heavy paint using paper towels, rinse off the rest in a a baby swimming pool and dry them with cloth towels. Then you’ll be free to go.

The paint being used is a water-soluble exterior paint that can be deposited into the sanitary sewer. Participation is 100% voluntary and all FOOTPRINT participants must go through the cleanup process to protect the environment and the park.

Making art after the 5K

Making art after the 5K